Memoir Mixtapes Vol.1 / B-Sides

I Can’t Believe You Exist by Patrick Williams

Up late cleaning the house with Overkill
by Motörhead playing too loud. Shut up
are the first two words on side two. Folks are
coming in on Friday, folks are leaving
on Sunday. What little food’s in the house
I just cut up for tomorrow’s lunchbox.
The dull cold-brew ritual, some cookies
cooling on the counter. The vacuum and
the sheets. I always knew the only way
was never live beyond today. Monday.

About the Author:

Patrick Williams is a poet and academic librarian living in Central New York. His recent work appears or is forthcoming in publications including The Bennington Review, Public Pool, Sea Foam Magazine, and Posit. His chapbook Hygiene in Reading (Publishing Genius, 2016) was awarded the 2015 Chris Toll Memorial Prize. He edits Really System, a journal of poetry and extensible poetics and is the hands behind Find him at and on Twitter @activitystory.

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