Memoir Mixtapes Vol.1 / B-Sides

Summer by Tyrean Martinson


“Summer, it turns me upside down
Summer, summer, summer
It’s like a merry go round”
-“Magic” by the Cars

One summer everything turned upside down. My dad was out of work. My mom sold Christmas ornaments all summer long through her new, independent business that did better than we expected – who knew someone wanted to buy a rocking chair Santa Claus in the heat of July? I picked berries so I could earn enough money for school clothes, and my birthday bicycle came from my savings account for college. My parents bought me a nice bike lock. That’s all they could afford. I felt guilty about getting a bike. I sold all of my old toys at a summer garage sale that sent away some of our nicest furniture. We still had the green couch with broken springs. I kept my shelf of books. It made sense that I listened to “Magic” as often as I could. I couldn’t afford to buy it, or at least I didn’t feel I could. So, I taped it off the radio. And yes, I dreamed of what it might be like someday to have the kind of magic that the Cars were singing about, “How far can you take it? / Till you realize / There’s magic in your eyes”– the kind where you hold onto someone, all upside down in love. Even if that wasn’t what my summer was like and I was a tomboyish girl running around in berry-stained t-shirts and cut-off shorts that I made myself with a pair of scissors from jeans that already had grass stains and holes, I could still daydream about love, couldn’t I? Daydreams are always free. And, even though I knew I really shouldn’t waste my money on rides, I used some of my garage-sale money to go to the fair in my hometown on the “ride-all-you-can” wristband day – merry-go-rounds and roller coasters were on the menu. I would be as upside down as I could, embrace all the life I could, even without a boyfriend. I had overheard my parents talking about selling the house, about moving to far-off places, and I thought it was the last summer fair I would have with my friends. That summer turned me upside down, magic or not, and I listened to that song over and over again in my room in the slow summer nights.

About the Author:

Tyrean Martinson – daydreamer, believer, writer – lives in the Pacific Northwest and drinks more tea than coffee, believe it or not. She had over a hundred stories published, but still feels she has much to learn about writing and the writing business. Her online mainstay is: 

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