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Clueless in the Sixties on Woodstock Weekend by Ben Fine

In 1969, three hundred thousand people went to Woodstock.  However by 2017 seven million people remember being at Woodstock.  The memories of baby boomers  have transformed the sixties into this magical, mythical landscape where everyone was a hippie, everyone was a draft resister, everyone was a veteran, and everyone was at the forefront of sex, drugs and protest.  

In truth, most of us were entirely clueless during the sixties.  We ambled through the decade much as we ambled through the fifties before and the seventies after, not realizing much of anything.  We confronted big historic moments and didn’t realize that they were big and historic. We concentrated as always on the trivialities of getting through each day.


About the Author:
Dr. Ben Fine is a mathematician and professor at Fairfield University in Connecticut in the United States.  He is a graduate of the MFA program at Fairfield University and is the author of thirteen books (eleven in mathematics, one on chess, one a political thriller) as well over 130 research articles, twelve short stories and a novella about Pirates. His story August 18,1969 published in the Green Silk Journal was nominated for a Pushcart prize.  He has completed a memoir told in interwoven stories called Tales from Brighton Beach: A Boy Grows in Brooklyn.The stories detail his growing up in Brighton Beach, a seaside neighborhood on the southern tip of Brooklyn, during the 1950’s and 1960’s. Brighton Beach was unique and set apart from the rest of New York City both in character and in time. His latest novel Out of Granada is came out in July of 2017.

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