Memoir Mixtapes Vol.2 // B-Sides

Whitesnake Saved My Life by Cate Meighan

It hasn’t even started yet but already 2018 has handed me a huge gift in the form of Whitesnake tickets. Yeah I know, either you love them, hate them or you’re totally indifferent. But what you don’t know is that David Coverdale quite literally saved my life. We go way back, even if he doesn’t realize it yet. Back to when my Jehovah’s Witness mother dragged me to church three times a week and I’d play hair bands in my head just to survive the two hour sentence. Back to when I rushed to my after school job at Arthur Treacher’s, where I mopped up the baked potato bar and ran the register for hours. Having to strategically place the fast food joint’s hat over my big hair was totally worth it to get away from my bible thumping mom.


About the Author:
Cate Meighan is an accomplished entertainment writer by day, a radio DJ at night. Vinyl, coffee & cat obsessed. Her first book, “Diary of an 80’s Girl,” is coming in Spring 2018.

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