Memoir Mixtapes Vol.2 // B-Sides

On Underworld’s Dubnobasswithmyheadman
by Cory Funk

In the early to mid-90s I was the production director for my college radio station (no joke: KUMM FM). It was the height of Alternative as a music style and the bloat of the Music Industry. Interest in radio and music was so strong that the station had one DJ on air per hour, every hour of every day, with many more people waiting in the wings to get an on-air slot. People were still lured by tv ads to fly-by-night ‘academic’ institutions to study radio production. The internet was still in its infancy. We didn’t have color monitors for all the computers on campus and our email addresses had multiple dots after the @. There was a very high cool factor in having a pipeline to new music in a town of thirty five hundred people out on the Minnesota Prairie.


About the Author:
Cory Funk is a music junkie who lives in St Paul, Minnesota. He has built many sets of stereo speakers for fun.His photography and part of his record collection has been displayed at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. He has a short story in the recent collection Killing Malmon published by Down & Out Books.  He can be found online at

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