Memoir Mixtapes Vol.2 // B-Sides

On The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars by Julie Corbett

To my mind it was certainly recorded in black and white, grayscale with grainy pixilation. Sometime in the fifties when people wore hats and used handkerchiefs. Suitcases were no bigger than the holdalls we would pack for a gym session today. Every woman had a vanity case, every man a drinking habit. The moon was always bright until a sinister cloud veiled it and spies were two a penny or more likely 5 cents apiece. It was rock and roll, English not American but I still thought gangster moll and private eye. My first album, a cassette tape and a cassette tape player and recorder, the hard brittle clicking of the buttons, the pencil to re-reel the tape after it became caught in the playing heads. The cassette went from bedroom to living room, house to house and through six removals the last two with no means of playing it. The brittle case is gone, recycled to a friend’s daughter’s ‘A’ level art project. The tape and its companions remain in a wicker basket in the loft. But this is a misrepresentation of the album, but it is my emotional signature of the experience of listening to the tracks. I never bought the cd, downloaded (or is it uploaded) to an mP3 player. This is not an album I could ever put on shuffle.


About the Author: 
Julie Corbett is a writer from Hull and is a member of the Women of Words Collective and the Mutiny Writers. Julie likes to sing and take photographs.

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