Memoir Mixtapes Vol.2, Track 21

Welcome to My Nightmare by Gabrielle Gilbert

It trickles in. It tricks you in. Door locks. And you’re not happy, but you laugh.

Has a song ever truly made me feel welcome? Only one.

I’m breaking the rules already. It’s not just a song for me, but an album of the same name, and a video recording of a concert of the same name: Alice Cooper’s Welcome to My Nightmare. My mother introduced me, I couldn’t tell you what prompted her to put the DVD on for me – 109 minutes of the most twisted carnival I had ever seen. Or was it more sacred ritual, or straight chaos? He had the skinniest legs for a man and wild black hair. Were those bugs in his teeth? Or under his skin? The most extraordinary display of dirty, demonic androgyny. Alice. Vincent. Steven?

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