Memoir Mixtapes Vol.4, Track 4

O, Pioneers by Debby Wolfinsohn

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About the author:
Debby Wolfinsohn has written for the Austin American-Statesman, Spin, and Her artwork has appeared in the New York Times. She has written television pilots (Gigantic) and screenplays (Nowhere) and edited films (Friends Forever, High School Record). Her ‘zine, Satan Wears A Bra, is a a permanent part of the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Archives in Cleveland and the Fales Riot Grrrl Archives at NYU. Born in Detroit, she has lived in Madison, Oakland, and Brooklyn, currently residing in Austin, Texas, where she writes YA novels and raises her family. In her old life, she played guitar with her band, the Speed Queens, completing two US tours and recording two records (released on Sympathy for the Record Industry) before the whole thing exploded like a Chevy van on a remote Florida highway (true story). Find her at or on twitter @debbywolfinsohn

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