Memoir Mixtapes Vol.8, Track 5

On Marianne Faithfull: Diary of a Lesbian Spinster in Winter by Tanya Pearson

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About the author:
Tanya Pearson is a Ph.D. Student, Oral Historian, and Director of the Women of Rock Oral History Project, a collection of digital interviews and written transcripts documenting the lives and careers of women-identified rock musicians. She is a proponent of lesbiansim, aging, vegetarianism, senior dog adoption, and Joan Didion. When she's not working she enjoys rock climbing, playing in bands, and watching The Golden Girls with her dog, Andrew. Her work has been published in Bust Magazine and “I’ve Got My Equalizer”: An Oral History of Rock Music will be published by University of Massachusetts Press in 2021. Follow Women Of Rock Oral History Project on Twitter, Instagram @womenofrockohp or visit

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