Metaxia Recommends: “The One and Only” by Chesney Hawkes

These lyrics take me back down memory lane, back when I was a little girl and I had a huge crush on Michael J. Fox…

I am the one and only/Nobody I’d rather be/I am the one and only/You can’t take that away from me

I was actually going to recommend something more contemporary, but then I remembered these lyrics, and the first time I heard them in the film, Doc Hollywood (1991, Michael J. Fox); this song was playing in the opening scene. Like many pop music videos in the late 80s/early 90s, it’s feel good and rebellious (two of my most favorite things).

So, give it a listen, and if you were born in the 80s (like I was), I hope you get to fall in love with your One and Only.

Extra bonus: Chesney Hawkes’ strong singing voice, in a classic 80s/90s pop music video, where the girl gets the guy of her dreams…

(Song recommendation by Metaxia Tzimouli)

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