We’re looking for mixtapes that tell a story or set a mood.


“That Time I Had a One Night Stand in 2008”


“Snowed in the Day After My Divorce”


“I’ve Never Been in Love, But I Want to Believe I Can”

Need some inspiration before you send yours? That’s fair. Why not have a look at some of  our previous mixtapes?

Mixtape submissions, like our Song Recommendations, are open year round!

Mixtape Submission Guidelines

-Send your mixtape submission to HELLO@MEMOIRMIXTAPES.COM

-Use the following structure for your subject line: MIXTAPE: TITLE OF YOUR MIXTAPE

-Include the playlist (Spotify preferred) OR a track list (we can create it in Spotify for you, assuming all of the tracks are available.)

-Attach the accompanying write-up as a .doc or .docx file.

We will then review your mixtape submission and be in touch once we’ve decided if we will run it, and when.

Feel free to get as creative as you’d like here in terms of structure/form. It can be a track-by-track series of vignettes, or it could be a typical essay. Just keep it memoir or poetrywe’re not interested in interviews with bands for this space. There’s plenty of other magazines that run interviews. We want YOUR stories for our mixtapes.

Get weird with it, or don’t. It’s your world.

Sam & Kevin