Nicole Recommends: “A Little Death” by Anthony Green

If ever you’ve thought a song about an orgasm can’t be beautiful, Anthony Green is here to prove you wrong.

My first encounter with the phrase a little death was in a poetry class I took in college. I can’t remember the poem or the poet — this was apparently a common phrase — though I’m pretty sure it from the 18- or 1900s and written by a woman. What I do remember is reading it and thinking, “Hmm. So that clearly means an orgasm, right?”

When I saw this phrase was the title of a song on Anthony Green’s latest album, Would You Still Be in Love, I was like “Okay, so this song is definitely going to be about sex, right?”

And it is!

In case there’s any question, here is a line from the song: “Hands like a leash try to make me come quick / I already came once trying to keep up with it.” Or how about: “Bite down on my knuckle just letting me know / you want more.”

This song is about sex, people!

And it’s gorgeous. From the acoustic guitar—which is the dominant instrument in every song on the album — to the gentle crescendos of Anthony’s voice, this song is a perfect little ode to the kind of sex that might change your life, the kind that makes you “beg for death” (in a good way).

(Song recommendation by N. Alysha Lewis)

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