Nicole Recommends “I’m So Humble” by The Lonely Island

Here’s the thing about parody/comedic music: While it obviously needs to be funny, it should still be good music.

Enter The Lonely Island and their 2016 film Popstar. In line with many a parody film that focuses on a musician, it’s full of songs that aren’t real songs in the sense that a real-life band with an actual name didn’t sit down and craft them. But at the same time . . . the songs in this movie are a lot better than they should be.

In a way, I shouldn’t be surprised. I love The Lonely Island. I think they’re hilarious, and oftentimes their “for a laugh” songs are still really fucking catchy (See: “Hugs” off The Wack Album). But even so, I was kind of blown away by how much I wanted to listen to this soundtrack on repeat—in addition to how many times my husband and I have watched this movie (which is A LOT).

There are several contenders for “most recommendable” songs on this soundtrack, but I had to think about what I’m trying to accomplish by suggesting one. And that is “Get more people to watch this movie.” So, I bring to you the song that opens the film: “I’m So Humble.”

In this song, Andy Samberg as Conner4Real sings about how he’s this super amazing dude whose amazing personality is enhanced by the fact that he NEVER talks about how amazing he is. Backed up by Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, he humble-brags about his baking skills, his ability to compliment unattractive people, and how he never complains “when [his] private jet is subpar.”

Truly a god among men, that Conner4Real.

While not the funniest song to appear, this is definitely the catchiest and most “real song” sounding. I can imagine a version of this being written in earnest (and the implication in Popstar is that Conner4Real is incredibly earnest; he’s just an idiot), and I feel like I wouldn’t hate it. It’s bouncy, it’s full of easy-to-remember rhyme, and it’s over before you get burned out on its simplicity. It’s also the perfect amount of Adam Levine because I feel like he really needs to not be around as much as he is.

Besides, where else are you going to get a lyric like “I feel more humble than Dikembe Mutombo after a stumble left him covered in a bit pot of gumbo”?


(Song recommendation by N. Alysha Lewis)

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