Oak Recommends: “Casanova” by Rayland Baxter

Rayland Baxter has long been a staple in my music diet, his pensive and playful songs have walked me through many a long train journey, exhausted drive home, frustrated morning and lonely afternoon.

I have collected favourites like pebbles on a long stretch of beach; this one’s smooth, this one looks like a face, this one fits the palm of my hand just right. Titles like Mr. Rodriguez, Tower Song, The cold easy life of a loner & Bad Things, fit right here in my pocket and yes, I need them.

His latest album Wide Awake is a thing of beauty; written in an abandoned rubber band factory slowly undergoing the process of becoming a recording studio, Baxter distilled the worldly anxieties that frankly we’re all feeling, and in the safety of relative isolation, save for coyote’s and a very small television set, he produced an album which can only be described as an absolute tonic.

Without taking his glance off of the topics pressing our societies today, Rayland Baxter cuts through the uselessness of worry with rotating candidness, humour and compassion.

When I’m dubious about my cooking, invariably I add lemon. When I’m dubious about life, I add Rayland Baxter.

Please, take a break from what you’re doing today and listen to this song titled “Casanova” an ironic ode to student finance. The song is a joyfest and the official video is enough to cut through the proverbial crap of living.

(Song recommendation by Oak Ayling)

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