Oak recommends: “Where to Begin” by Covenhoven

Shaun Boyte

Joel Van Horne’s moniker “Covenhoven” finds it’s origin deep in the woods, in a small cabin built by Van Horne’s Grandfather; where a young boy savored the joys and splendor of the earth which hosts us, the sanctity of colour, of scent, of soil and sky, of family and the symphonic sounds of safe and secret places.

As dreamy as the seed to this story is, the music which Joel Van Horne produces far exceeds what embellishment I could offer to his family’s luscious folktales.

The man is a marvel. A Poet and an astounding composer, Covenhoven embodies all of the above story and more! His music could quite easily be mistaken for having been physically conducted and performed by vast stretching sunrises and sets, by great forests and cresting waves, and by previously silent sentients of fur and feathers.

Imagine the kind of harmonious melodies and celestial hymns of heaven, now put them quietly in the hands of a man from Colorado, playing to a handful of people in a bakery half way up a mountain. This is Covenhoven.

His latest album “A Kind of Revelation” is a concentrated drop of honey, it is crystal cold water to a burning throat. So much so that choosing any one song to recommend to you was an arduous task.

I found it best to start at the beginning, and allow the rest to unfold for you as they did for me. “Where to begin? With the springtime coming around again…

(Song recommendation by Oak Ayling)

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