Andy Recommends: “Apeman” by The Kinks

If the modern world seems like a real pain in the ass lately, take a few minutes and spend some time with Ray Davies of the Kinks as he escapes it all in “Apeman.”

Not known for their subtlety when combining satire with some of the catchiest rock and roll of their era, Davies and the Kinks put together an especially straightforward mockery of all that ails society with “Apeman.”

We fucked up. We’re just monkeys. Let’s act accordingly.

If you don’t agree, just put on “Apeman,” sing along with the chorus, and see if you don’t feel it in your loins when you proclaim to the world “I’m an apeman.” Your monkey loins.

Cause compared to the sun that sits in the sky
Compared to the clouds as they roll by
Compared to the bugs and the spiders and flies
You are an ape man

(Song recommendation by Andrew Len)

Sam Recommends: “Crazy On You” by Heart

Have you ever gotten so carried away singing along to a kickass rock song as you’re driving down the highway that you look down at your speedometer two minutes in and see you’ve been pushing 90 mph in a 65?

Yeah, Heart’s “Crazy On You” (or “Magic Man,” which was a very close contender for today’s song recommendation) will do that.

In my next life, I hope to come back as the 70s version of Ann Wilson.

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2 Ways You Can Contribute to Memoir Mixtapes

Just to clear up any lingering confusion, here is a quick & dirty guide to the two main ways you can contribute to the Memoir Mixtapes project.

Before we start, one important message: You can absolutely do both!

1. Looking for a serious commitment?

Write a personal essay or poem inspired by your first song obsession for Issue #1. These will be longer (3–7 pages is the ideal range, though we are flexible), more artistic pieces.

Many people have asked if they can write about a full album, and I don’t see why not, but we would prefer to see some more emphasis on one track that we can include as part of the Mixtape/playlist we’ll publish & share along with the issue.

You can read the original call for submissions here. Email your subs to

2. Looking for a quick fling?

Write a short song recommendation that we can publish as part of our daily series here on the blog. Read this great recommendation from our first guest contributor to see an example of how it can be done (but you are fully encouraged to bring your own personal style/voice to your recommendations.)

If you create a Medium account, we can add you as a contributing writer, so you will be noted as the author and people can click over to your Medium page and learn more about how awesome you are.

Kevin Recommends: “Enjoy the Silence” by Depeche Mode

This is one of the best songs, plain and simple. I can say no words which will do it justice. Words are very unnecessary‒they can only do harm.

I suggest playing it while holding your beloved in your arms, gazing into their eyes with unblinking, unwavering, unnerving intensity. You will silently convey that they’re all you ever wanted or needed.

If your beloved is not at hand, consider this alternative: put on your best leather jacket and/or royal finery, pull up a lawn chair somewhere in the world, and take a moment for yourself. Enjoy the silence.

(Song recommendation by Kevin Woodall)

Want to Recommend a Song for Memoir Mixtapes?

We try to post a new song recommendation on a daily basis, and even though I know my recs are *insert world’s longest string of fire emojis*, the ultimate goal of this project is to bring multiple voices together.

Look: we know you have phenomenal taste in music, and if you really think about it, you’d be kinda selfish to keep it all to yourself.

So, we’re opening up our platform to all the music-loving wordsmiths out there.

If you’re interested in contributing some (or even just one — whatever floats your boat) song recommendations, hit us up at hello@memoirmixtapes.comfor the deets.

PS —
Don’t forget to send us personal essays/poetry inspired by your first song obsession for Issue #1. You can read the guidelines here. Deadline is 10/31!

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Sam Recommends: “Cathy’s Clown” by The Everly Brothers

When I was 5 or 6 years old, my grandpa made me a mixtape of all his favorite oldies songs for Christmas, which I proceeded to listen to constantly on my portable cassette player.

I was always drawn to this song in particular even though, at that time, I probably couldn’t relate to the themes of heartbreak, betrayal, or humiliation The Everly Brothers express so beautifully in just two minutes and twenty-five seconds.

Kevin Recommends: “I’d Rather Be With You” by Bootsy Collins

There’s nothing like the loose and free bass of celebrated delirious funky priest Bootsy Collins to get you feeling right when things are going wrong.

Sampled plenty but never equaled, this song is guaranteed to make you a little bit cooler each time you listen to it. For best results, play it while cruising in your mothership, just after dusk, while the last of the blue sky fades away and the stars begin to shimmer and shine.

Hop on-board with Bootsy and ascend. Stretch out and relax with his Rubber Band on a cosmic journey. There’s no troubles where you’re going.

( Recommendation by Kevin Woodall)

Sam Recommends: “The Letter” by Joe Cocker

It’s never been officially confirmed, but it has been speculated that the reason you can’t find this performance on YouTube anymore is because it’s just too fucking amazing for most people to handle.

But I think you got this.

Keep an eye out for Leon Russell; he’s the guy traveling to new planes of consciousness as he kills it on the keys.

Reminder: Submissions for Issue 1 Close on 10/31!

For our first Memoir Mixtape, inquiring minds would like to know:

What was the first song that you were truly & madly obsessed with? And what possessed you to listen to Fleetwood Mac’s “Silver Springs” 304 times over one weekend in 4th grade? Did it lead to a personal breakthrough? Or to a year-long case of insomnia and fitful nightmares starring Stevie Nicks?

Yeah, I was never really the same after that summer.

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Not really. Just remember that we’re looking for essay length pieces — not novels. But now that I’m thinking about it…we’d love to see your poems, too. And don’t forget to include a short bio, photo, or any other relevant info you want to be included with your submission should it be included in our first mix.

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