Philip Recommends: “Bend Not Break” By Alex Boye

There are songs out there that I like to call “necessary songs”. Songs that make the world a better place just by existing. Probably 90% of songs aren’t necessary. They don’t add anything to the world. That doesn’t mean that they are bad by any means.

One of my favorite songs of all time is “Cherry Pie” by Warrant, one of the greatest rock songs ever written. The lyrics, however, aren’t exactly adding anything to the world.

“Bend Not Break” by Alex Boye is, no doubt about it, a necessary song. Written for the purpose of saving lives, Alex Boye wrote this song for the purpose of keeping people going when they feel like killing themselves. As somebody who suffers from severe depression and is a quiet member of the mental health community, this song is super important to me.

The most helpful part of the song to me is every time he says “Not Today”. As in don’t kill yourself, at least not today. When I am at my lowest and feel like giving up, this is what I whisper to myself over and over in my head. Not Today. Not Today. Not Today. The message this song brings is “take life one day at a time.” If that is too daunting then one hour. Or one minute. Just never give up on life.

(Song recommendation by Philip Myers)

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