Good news, Memoir Mixtapes fans…

We’re finally putting out a podcast! 

If you’re a fan of our magazine, then you know what we’re all about. 

We are the ultimate mashup of the two things we all love to talk about: ourselves & music. 

In the magazine, we explored this through creative nonfiction and poetry inspired by music. 

In our podcast, we’ll explore it by interviewing musicians, artists, and writers, learning about the significant songs from their lives, as well as the songs that inspired them to become artists themselves.

Each episode will be part-interview, and part-mixtape. 

Along with each episode, we’ll share a link to the Spotify playlist the interview generates.

In our first episode, which is dropping on September 18th, we’ll be talking to Keith Beshwate of Swore Off and Ghosts in Pocket. And we’ll also be debuting the third single from Swore Off’s self-titled EP, which is dropping on October 2nd.

Go ahead and subscribe to our channel now, so you don’t miss our first episode when it drops. We’re available on Apple Podcasts,  Anchor, Spotify, and Stitcher.


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