Prem Recommends: “I Am Disappeared” by Frank Turner

The first time I heard Frank Turner was on a punk mixtape that was floating around the Internet in those days when we were still finding ways to hold on to the vague physicality of music.

“I Am Disappeared” is a microcosm of that analogue nostalgia. A shot of passionate energy to ears used to sanitised pop, driving guitars and keys form the rousing backdrop to Frank’s clear-eyed storytelling.

The beatnik aspiration of escaping the rigours of everyday life runs through “I Am Disappeared,” taking to the road with the bare essentials “on the worst days /When it feels like life weighs ten thousand tons.” With allusions to counter-culture icons like Bob Dylan and Ernest Hemingway, Frank Turner sets out on the road to an uncertain, but hopeful future, as “electric pulses
in the pathways of the sleeping soul of the country.”

For anyone who’s had a dream whose itch you can’t shake, an urge to shed the monotony of life, and simply live for music and life — Frank Turner has the perfect anthem.

(Song recommendation by Prem Sylvester)

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