Prem Recommends: “Mirror Play” by Cubicolor

The streaming age is well and truly upon us. With it has come the omnipresence of music, the simple access to nearly any song you could want to listen to.

The downside to this overwhelming array of choice is, of course, that very little music sticks. It’s common to tire of a song and move on to another one fairly quickly; and as a corollary, it’s harder than ever to truly be entranced by a song, let alone an album.

It was a truly wonderful moment for me, then, to listen to Cubicolor’s ethereal Mirror Play for the first time — to find a piece of music that could pull me out of my digital distractions and get me to pay attention.

Strange that Cubicolor’s understated, evocative electronica could arrest me so — they don’t exactly make the catchiest music. But perhaps therein lay their appeal. In a soundscape that’s always looking for the next massive, sonically outsized hit, the plainspoken vocals and the simple yet moving guitar over subdued techno-kicks were the auditory equivalent of a drink of freshwater from a clear, crisp spring.

Mirror Play unfolds gently over a nearly 6-minute runtime, an almost glacial, gorgeous song that demands patience but rewards the listener mightily. In our attention-starved, always-consuming world, a piece of music such as this is an essential, and reassuring, rebellion.

(Song recommendation by Prem Sylvester)

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