Prewitt Recommends: “Nature Anthem” by Grandaddy

Looking for a reprieve from this hellscape of a turning ball???

No worries! Grandaddy’s “Nature Anthem” got you.

For more than a quarter-century Grandaddy produced a catalog in which it felt like every track had *something* for you. They simply failed to produce many stinkers, if any at all. “Nature Anthem,” with its anthemic refrain and Raffi-esque music stylings, certainly has “it.”

Need help finding happiness? I don’t have all the answers, but this music video does the trick despite its pixelated antiquity. In fact, it was one of the first music videos I shared with my newborn son.

PROUD PAPA UPDATE ALERT: The kid is nearly 6 years old now and can recite all the lyrics from Granddady’s Sumday LP!

You know what? I’m delaying you from this grace.

Go ahead, push play.

Treat yourself to a daydream of your mountain, your river.

Lie in the sun.

(Song recommendation by Prewitt Scott-Jackson)

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