Prewitt Recommends: “Wichita” by Scrunchies

Fast and loud and grungy, and punk af, “Wichita,” the lead single off Scrunchies’ debut LP Stunner, flashed across my Twitter timeline recently and I haven’t looked back.

With “Wichita,” the Minneapolis quartet manages to weave a sturdy yet manic web of Punk ’n’ Roll catharsis. The rasping distortion-laden guitars lay over thunderous timely drumming and driving basslines as the dynamic staccato vocal hook ensnares you, leaving one with no choice but to flail about, helplessly rockin’ out like a fly clinging to life.

Everything but the bass guitar drops at the 1:09 mark in the music video, impelling my forearm goosebumps to rise.

The ensuing build’s crescendo hits at the 1:42 mark, signaling the hounds of vocal harmony to release and gnaw at the core of your being.

While “Wichita” summons elements of D.C.’s finest post-punkers Priests, my elderliness brings me all the way back to 1993 and That Dog’s eponymous debut LP. Namely, it makes me think of my two favorite cuts off that record, “Old Timer” and “Zodiac.” I mean, c’mon, my mind’s eye can absolutely envision the Haden triplets approving of this fresh sound.

Recently released by Forged Artifacts Records on June 1st, this album has room to grow on me yet still!

And so it stands, now you too can be entombed alongside me on this silvery coarse weave known as Scrunchies.

(Song recommendation by Prewitt Scott-Jackson)

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