You should read our volumeswe think you’ll enjoy them:

Memoir Mixtapes Vol. 1: Origin Stories

Our first volume is all about the songs that sparked our obsession with music.

Memoir Mixtapes Vol. 2: Life in LP 

In our second volume, our contributors explore full albums that changed their lives, for better or for worse or just for different.

Memoir Mixtapes Vol. 3: Whole Lotta Love

Volume 3 explores love in all its forms & sounds.

Memoir Mixtapes Vol. 4: ANTHEMS

Forget national anthems. These anthems are about people, places, ideas, and things we love and hate.

Memoir Mixtapes Vol. 5: Freestyle

In Volume 5, we abandoned the prompt, let loose, & had a bonafide free-for-all.

Memoir Mixtapes Vol. 6: Guilty Pleasures

You’d probably never admit to liking that one song. You know, the one you switch to private mode in Spotify to listen to so nobody will know your deep dark secret. But these brave souls did, and we love them for it.

Memoir Mixtapes Vol. 7: Back to School

We spend so much time in our formative years in a classroom or on a campus. This volume took us back to school.