Rosie Recommends: “Fear” by Blue October

Fear is one of those songs that sweeps you off your feet the first time you hear it. It plucks at all your heart strings and makes you swell inside with feeling. As someone who suffers from severe depression and anxiety, this song speaks to me in a way that few songs do. It echoes my sadness, distills my anxiety, and uplifts me with hope.

Blue October is a band on the front line of breaking down the stigma of mental health. I could name countless other songs by them that have touched me deeply, and I owe my life to this band, seriously. But I chose “Fear” because it is a song I never tire of hearing. Listen after listen, I close my eyes and sway to the lyrics; I float like helium and come crashing down as I am hit by the reality of the words: “Today, I don’t have to fall apart. I don’t have to be afraid…” I am awash with the reminder that although there may be greater forces conspiring against me, I can conquer them in my own time, with small steps.

There is more passion poured into this one song than you could imagine. And no matter, mental health warrior or not, there are lessons to be heard. There are expressions of pain, despair, empowerment, and hope. The lyrics tell my story: “The beauty is I’m learning how to face my beast. Starting now to find some peace, set myself free.”

This song reminds me, and those struggling, to “get back up.” These three words are powerful remembrances to face your fear and to overcome. If you are down or having a bad day, this song is a reliable friend you can lean on. And if you like this song, please do explore Blue October’s collection of music, as I have found there are a breadth of songs for every emotion.

(Song recommendation by Rosie Carter)

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