Ryan Recommends: “Which Way Are You Goin’” by Jim Croce

Jim Croce is an incredible singer/songwriter who was taken from us much too early. Believe it or not, the man died at 30, even though he looked/sounded and had the wisdom of someone in his fifties.

One of my favorite Croce songs is “Which Way Are You Goin’.” At first listen, it sounds like a catchy, tap-your-foot-to-the-velvety-sound-of-Croce’s-voice-and-guitar kinda song. It’s only after a close listen to the lyrics that you start to get the message he’s sending. The first time you hear it, you’ll find yourself nodding your head along with the beat. The second time you hear it, you’re nodding your head in agreement with Croce’s words. You know — that kind of “Hallelujah!” kind of head nod.

This song evaluates old and new America (which, today, is closely resembling old America) and the decisions of man along with the hypocrisy of man’s choices, all the while disguising itself as a folk song. It is just as important today is at was when he wrote it.

However, even if you’re not into all that “preachy, political bullshit”… it’s just a damn good song.

(Song recommendation by Ryan Peckinpaugh)

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