Sam Recommends: “The Groove Line” by Heatwave

It’s already starting to feel like summer here in Los Angeles, and I’m loving it. I’ll never understand people who prefer winter or even fall. Spring and summer (summer especially, let’s be real) are where it’s at. Don’t @ me.

Which brings me to this song, which just sounds like summer to me. In my mind, summer = day-drinking pool parties that turn into late night disco dance parties a la that one scene from Boogie Nights. (I mean…if it had turned out better for William H. Macy’s character and that one chick didn’t OD…)

But let’s not go there.

Shake it out. Get your mind right. Leave your worries behiiiiiiiind. We’re riding on the groove line. (Woo woo!)

(Song recommendation by Samantha Lamph/Len)

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