Sam Recommends: “These Eyes” by The Guess Who

Nearly a decade ago, when I was in closer proximity to the bitter burn of a heart betrayed and broken by an ex-lover, this song was my go-to karaoke track.

When I sang the lyrics, I felt them deep down in my soul. And even though I’m not the best singer, my performance usually garnered positive reviews from other drunk people at the dive bar. I even got a few free drinks out of it.

I tried to sing it again a few years later, when I was already a few years in to a happier, healthier relationship.

It just wasn’t the same. I didn’t feel the lyrics deep down in my soul anymore, and my performance suffered.

That’s okay with me. And while I’ll always love this song, I hope my best karaoke performances of it are behind me forever.

(Song recommendation by Samantha Lamph/Len)

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