Sam Recommends: “Vampire” by Mai Lan

Leave it to Mai Lan to make vampire’s cool again.

The French-Vietnamese artist finally got the international recognition she deserved when she collaborated with M83 on their album, “Junk”, but if you haven’t been listening to her solo work, then you have been missing out some diamond-bright pop gems. Luckily for everyone, she’s just released an album, “Autopilote”.

“Vampire”, having first conjured itself as the title track and lead single on an EP last year, is now back for seconds. The track is–surprise, surprise–Vampiric in all the best ways. Opening with a sprightly whistle, it takes moments before one has already been seduced into bobbing their heads. It’s a lure, and when you realize what exactly Lan is singing, that she is intending to ‘drink your blood like a soda’, it’s simply too late.

Beat drops, the song plunges straight into the chorus, and it’s nothing short of a feast. The lyrics maintain their decisively devilish intent–‘going to cook you with pepper and lime’–carried forth with the most delicious of melodies. A bassline to savour, a glaze of sugar sweet synths, and then that whistle returns–ripened to perfection.

Mai Lan may want our blood, but at least she indulges us in this strawberry softserve of a pop confection.

And the music video? It’s the best dessert one could ask for:

(Song recommendation by Sam Jowett)

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