Sean Recommends: “Circle the Drain” by Soccer Mommy

The music in Soccer Mommy’s “Circle the Drain” sounds warm and bright while Allison Sophie sings about spiraling down into darkness. The sonic and lyrical tones of this song are conflicting and it creates a very unique feeling that is hard to describe. Imagine driving down the road with the windows down and listening to Sheryl Crow’s “Soak up the Sun” while crying uncontrollably. That may be a bit dramatic, but that’s how I’d describe the vibe of this song.

“Things feel that low sometimes

Even when everything is fine”

The song brings me back to a time a few years ago when I was depressed for an entire summer. It didn’t matter if I was at home in bed or walking on the beach with my family, I had this sinking ache in the pit of my stomach that wouldn’t go away. It felt embarrassing and selfish to be so down when my friends and family were trying to cheer me up.

Allison captures the kind of frustration I felt with these lines:

I’m trying to seem strong for my love

For my family and friends

But I’m so tired of faking

’Cause I’m chained to my bed when they’re gone

Watching TV alone

Until my body starts aching

The contradictory tone of “Circle The Drain” is what makes it a good song to me. It doesn’t make sense that there can be a “happy-sad” feeling but it is something that many of us experience. It is a feeling that is almost impossible to describe with words, but it is one that this song captures perfectly.

(Song recommendation by Sean Sullivan)

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