Seigar recommends “Basic” by Bilal Hassani

Androgynous games.

Seigar, the photographer, is back.

During the last Eurovision Contest Bilal Hassani represented France with “Roi,” though the song and the performance were both stunning, he ended in 16th place. In my opinion, he should have won, but maybe Europe was not yet prepared for his act. Controversy has always been there in his short music career. The fact he defends LGTBIQ rights and that he seems just to do things freely and his way is not received by everyone with the same enthusiasm.

Some of the highlights of the song “Roi”:

I am me, and I know I will always be

You put me in a box, want me to be like you

At the end of the day, you cannot change me, boo

Who are we?

When we hurt, when we fight for free

Only God can judge you and me

Influenced by Beyoncé, Freddie Mercury and High School Musical, what can you expect? This.

Today, I’m bringing you “Basic,” the gayest anthem in his album and probably also worldwide this year. “Basic” starts with a very 90s disco vibes, Bilal mixes English and French lyrics randomly. With the same charisma of his influences, he becomes a Mika on acid with cheerful beats and catchy lyrics. The song will work well on stage, he even embraces a cheeky quote of Cher. She usually says things like this during her concerts when talking to the audience:

“Girls, gays and whoever else is there, gather ‘round, listen up”

“Don’t be basic, be fantastic” he repeats and we all just can some fun with him. Let’s indulge ourselves with this. It’s weekend sensation. Do justice to his Eurovision position and listen to Bilal.

(Song recommendation by Seigar)

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