Seigar Recommends: “Benditos” by Vavra

Vavra exploring deep sounds.

Seigar, the photographer, is back.

Who is behind Vavra? Vavra is a Tenerife-based duet formed by Latel and Kalihue, two cute guys that studied together at school and got connected again during their University years. They possess beauty, charisma, and passion: the most important matters in music industry these days (Check the Rosalía example to understand what I mean). They started in 2015 and have been consistently creating since then.

What do they sound like? They compose melodies and create deep atmospheres that remind us of the contemporary music textures of Jamie Woon, James Blake, Jamie Isaac, Sohn, or even sounds like the Canarian-singer Sergio Rivero (Quantum album). So Vavra is an urban music project that plays with trap and rap, even some R&B. Believe me when I say they can be cool as hell. They’ve got the sound to be here and there.

Much like Jens Lekman in 2015 with his postcards, Vavra will be presenting a new single every two weeks. “They won’t form an album, they will be independent singles” they have warned Memoir Mixtapes when they were interviewed to participate in this article.

The song I’m bringing you today is the first postcard from these soul singers; it is called “Benditos” that means Blessed. The track is produced by $kyhook, a producer from Zaragoza (Spain), he is also the producer of another future song, and there are also other big producers names to come like Louis Amoeba, Big Yahya orYuki.

Vavra are poets. Their language choices are essential for them, but they also point out: “we want our texts to be understood. We tell our routine through metaphors in which nature is present, some educated references (both are University graduates), and also some pop culture”. They make clear they care about their lyrics but they also want to be direct and get to the people.

Enjoy the video and get to know Vavra at Memoir Mixtapes before they get everywhere else.

(Song recommendation by Seigar)

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