Seigar Recommends: “Cityfade” by A.A.L.

Against All Logic 2012–2017 (2018).

Seigar, the photographer, is back.

With Against All Logic 2012–2017, Nicolas Jaar goes into techno-house music. He has always been “a weirdo” and this album won’t make it easy for listeners to understand his compositions. However, it will be loved by people looking for some INNOVATIVE music (Pitchfork 8.8. / Jenesaispop 8.5).

The first tracks of the album are the most difficult ones, but after “Know You” everything gets more solid and you start to get where he’s going. It seems to scream “the party has started” with this track. Then, some friends have even told me “Cityfade” is the best song of the year! “Now U Got me Hooked” totally gets you with the classic sounds and elegant taste. When you listen to the last track you realize he’s finally completed the puzzle: “Rave on U” brings some of his best melodies, and could it be considered a 2018 “I Feel Love”?

This is not easy listening; this music requires your time and attention, and once you let it go into you, you will soon be in love with this record. There is some Daft Punk style going around everyone will enjoy too. I haven’t been so surprised and shocked by an album since 2011, with James Blake. If I convinced you, and you are finally begging for more of his music, you should also give a chance to “Space is Only Noise”, his 2011 album, which helped him to get some recognition.

If someone asks me for modern, here is the answer; this is modern for me.

Enjoy “Cityfade” by Against All Logic:

(Song recommendation by Seigar)

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