Seigar Recommends: “Connected by Love” by Jack White

Seigar, the photographer, is back.

Last Easter I went to London to work on the fourth series of Tales of a City, a photo narrative project that I have been shooting in London for years. When I was there, something attracted my attention: posters of Jack White and George Ezra albums were everywhere. I thought, well, they are not my type, but I will give them a chance when I go back home.

George Ezra reminds me of Ben Lee, an Australian singer, especially on his sixth album entitled Ripe. Years ago, I think I may have enjoyed this album more, because Ripe is even on my list of my favorite LPs ever. But these days I’m not that much into easy listening pop. More recent Ben Lee albums have turned into more philosophical and spiritual stuff, so I ended up losing my interest in him. Anyway, the important issue here is that I found George Ezra’s album quite bland pop music, which is surprising, coming from the Bristol scene.

When I listened to Jack White I was definitely surprised by the energy of the album and the fusion of different styles, from pop-rock and psychedelia to electronic and blues. This is pure dynamite. “Connected by Love”, the song I’m bringing you today, is fab, a simple Queen tribute in structure that gets its target without any effort. Even through its changes, I consider it a minimalist song full of strength. I don’t agree with critics that find this album that experimental; go and get Prince’s Emancipation, which was real experimental music at its time. This is just a great exercise fusing styles. Enjoy the song and do you a favor and listen to the whole album Boarding House Reach. In a contest, George and Jack, being both singers and songwriters, I think the winner is clear this time.

(Song recommendation by Seigar)

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