Seigar Recommends: ¿De qué me culpas? By Fangoria.

Juan Gatti (video Director) inspired by Hitchcock, Alaska being attacked!

Seigar, the photographer, is back.

The punk attitude of Fangoria has been present in the Spanish and Latin America music scene since 1989. Their initial acid house influence has changed into pop and rock electronic sounds. Their catchy songs have made it into the Spanish speaking countries music lists since that year. These days, their style is quite easily identified by their pop producer touch: Guille Milkyway (La Casa Azul).

In this gothic and emo video filmed by the prestigious photographer Juan Gatti, we can find some iconic images of the lead singer Alaska dancing with a sword. The beautifully-produced edition of the black and white images helps to enrich the track. The video presents the remix on Spotify that is even funnier than the original song with the featuring of Ms Nina and King Jedet, two reggaeton urban music celebrities, because Fangoria has never had prejudices against any music genre, and they want to live in 2019, not in the past.

The lyrics may be understood as a response to a press that takes too seriously their interventions on the media. And I say too seriously because to understand their words you must first know they are close to John Waters’ ironic philosophy about life, entertainment and society, or at least they have always talked about him as one of their icons. ¿De qué me culpas? means What are are you blaming me for? Alaska is everywhere on the radio and TV commenting on everything, so recently, some of her views have not been received as politically correct statements. However, apart from this theory, everybody will enjoy the song.

Alaska has said the question used as the title of the song may be asked to the world or to your couple on a love affair when you just want to say, “Stop, I had enough.” This would turn the song into a global or a feminist anthem.

Click and enjoy the catchy tunes.

(Song recommendation by Seigar)

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