Seigar Recommends: “Gente de Mierda” by Putochinomaricón

Photograph by Seigar

Seigar, the photographer, is back.

Let me introduce you to Chenta Tsai, whose artistic name is Putochinomaricón. He is a 26 year old singer and musician, who studied architecture, and now has become the latest Spanish revolution in music. He was born and grew up in Madrid, but everybody talks about his Chinese origins. His artistic name refers to the typical insult that Chinese people can be called in Spain; he uses the insult as a twist to empower himself and fight against racism. He composes and sings electro pop songs, and his lyrics represent millennials — the generation that can’t live without social networks and the Internet. He is quite critical about homophobia and racism. He, even though he probably doesn’t want to, has become the voice for many people.

He is a curious and interesting character. You can follow his stories on his Instagram talking about current issues, giving his opinion about important or the most nonsensical subjects. He can talk about censorship or his progress in his vogueing lessons. His first album is super short, as if it were a tribute to the new generation pace/timing. The album was rated 8.1/10 by Jenesaispop, sort of like the Spanish version of Pitchfork. Let’s enjoy the video.

(Song recommendation by Seigar)

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