Seigar recommends “God Control” by Madonna

70s disco diva wants gun control.

Seigar, the photographer, is back.

Madame X is the album that gives me everything that I have been looking for in other musicians for years; addicted to Pitchfork I must admit. Being a Madonna fan since I was a kid, I can tell this record is epic.

It’s “world music 2019”. Madame X sounds like many singers and musicians so different among them that it’s a delicious and explosive cocktail: Ibeyi, Daft Punk, Nneka, Liz Wright, Kali Uchis, Ayo, Uffie, James Blake or Richard Russell. She has elevated her music and style with these songs. God bless Portugal for the inspiration she got there.

It’s a concept and political album, but she also keeps a quite personal view about global issues. It’s full of hopeful messages in its lyrics and it has an outstanding production and sound. It’s her most experimental album ever I’d say! What fans didn’t expect, at least now.

The best tracks in the album are Dark Ballet (experimental collage), God Control (religious music meets 70s disco ball), Killers who are partying (fado 2019) and Come Alive (world music summer song). However, there are other great compositions like Medellin (Latin hedonism), Faz Gostoso (Michael Jackson), Extreme Occident (Evita meets Mer Girl), Crazy (sweet perfect pop) or I rise (epic final song).

Before the fans listened to the whole album, there was a backlash about Madame X. First single songs weren’t completely understood, and in fact, the Eurovision song performance didn’t help. But finally, when the album was released we all got it. There is a consensus among fans but also among music critics that “this is it”. Some critics talk about her best album since Confessions, others say since American Life, but what is clear is that it is a decisive moment for her and her music.

This is a masterpiece all together. It’s an album that must be heard from the first to the last song, no just individual songs, because they all work as one.

Madonna 1 — Fans 0.

Enjoy her protest song about gun control in which she becomes a writer and a 70s disco diva. Madame X can be everything she wants/we need.

(Song recommendation by Seigar)

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