Seigar recommends “Juro que” by Rosalía

Seigar recommends “Juro que” by Rosalía

Channeling the Andalusian traditions.

There is passion in everything that Rosalía does. She doesn’t miss an opportunity to show the world she is a unique act. Every performance is a must watch video, and even a simple invitation to her new Tik Tok account becomes viral. I can’t help it, passion is what I admire the most in an artist, and the fact she takes advantages of every public appearance makes me feel respect and admiration towards her persona. Her alternative flamenco pop art has shaken the world music scene, and her production has taken the Andalusian traditional folk music to the mainstream I would say for the first time in music history, at least in the Internet period. Critically acclaimed, millions of followers certify her success.

Juro que new single has a very traditional Spanish folk diva design cover artwork. In fact, it reminds to all these folk Spanish and Latin American female divas CD covers: Lola Flores, Isabel Pantoja, Rocío Jurado or Rocío Durcal. It seems she may be trying to connect with the roots again. Rosalía has been accused of cultural appropiation, and if you think she does, you also have to agree with me that she does it pretty well.

Other pop icons have also adopt culture and traditions into their music, Madonna being the expert. Rosalía takes all the Southern Spanish and gypsy traditions and shows the skill to twist them with a modern touch. She is able to know what is going on out there in the mainstream, and finds the correct way to sell the Spanish brand with a cool and global taste. I wonder if Juro que and Apale would be or not included in her next album, probably her two best singles that she has released after her album El Mal Querer, they also match in its mood, sound and lyrics among them.

Juro que is a song about love, the punch of having the subtitles in the video in the English language has been a good direction because though millions of people listen to her music, many of her fans can’t speak Spanish so they miss her lyrics, stories, messages, words and hooks. Rosalía tells the story of a lover put in prison, she can’t stand being far from him in these circumstances, she is also sorry for no saying goodbye before he was taken there.

Now enjoy the video, but before I leave you my fave line in the song: “que si no sales tú entro yo, atraco un banco esta noche y que me lleven pa’ prisión” that means “if you don’t go out, I will get in, I will rob a bank tonight so I will be put in prison”. No need to explain the beauty of those words.

(Song recommendation by Seigar)

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