Seigar Recommends: “Missing U” by Robyn

Robyn as Robyn.

Seigar, the photographer, is back.

Missing U is everything you would expect from Robyn. Some critics have said it seems she’s been into a bubble for eight years without listening to any sort of music, so she’s just loyal to her style and sound. It’s not completely true because in a way, she’s been active and she has released some music, like the hit “Do It Again”, but what is true is that “Missing U” is quite similar to her old pop hits: “Indestructible,” “Call your girlfriend,” or “Dancing on my own.” You can find a very familiar melody and her typical beats. This is the expectable catchy tune from this Swedish act.

Is it a bad thing? NO.

Her fans, and I include myself, are all happy about this! “Missing U” is an enjoyable Nu-Disco song that all electropop lovers may love. And it’s in this fact of being loyal to herself where we find “futurism”. It’s like being a rebel or like a “I do what I want” attitude. Furthermore, doing her best, she becomes original and innovative. Other songs from the same album: “Human Being” and “Between the lines” are two more examples of her creativity getting a high from being herself.

Her resistance is obvious, she doesn’t want to follow the trends or adapt herself to what she should sound like. Instead Robyn prefers to play her cards, the ones she knows well.

With respect to the lyrics, the words symbolize her relationship with the fans because of the long time they haven’t been together:

There’s this empty space you left behind
Now you’re not here with me
I keep digging through our waste of time
But the picture’s incomplete

’Cause I’m missing you
I miss you

Though it may also be analyzed plainly as a love relationship that is over:

Can’t make sense of all of the pieces
Of my own delusions
Can’t take all these memories
Don’t know how to use them

Before you click down bellow, just a quick note to tell you she has confessed the influence of Prince, Michael Jackson, and Janet Jackson in creating this record. After many listenings to the whole album, I have found that among these names, the Janet Jackson from the 90s is the clearest influence, the track “Because it’s in the music,” for example, has the same feeling.

Enjoy “Missing U” now.

(Song recommendation by Seigar)

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