Seigar recommends “Morrow” by 070 Shake

Futuristic LGBT force.

Danielle Balbuena is a proud New Jersey rapper with Dominican roots, and all this shows in her single “Morrow”. The pop alternative track goes further than a hip hop song usually does, and brings back the atmospheric dark melodies of Michael Jackson, The Weeknd or Lenny Kravitz (I belong to you). 070 Shake got this name because of “070” collective that she belonged to, and her playing ball skills: “shake weave”. Her guest appearances in Kanye West and Nas records helped her to attract attention, furthermore, she is also a known fashion model.

070 Shake album sounds fresh and determined. Though, it has received mixed reviews, but I think it will be part of the end of the year lists. 2020 has started quite strong in music: Destroyer has just released his new brilliant album, Sewerslvt has got the third position with a breakbeat hardcore in the web rateyourmusic, Halsey has shown she can compete with Lorde for the alternative queen of pop tittle, of Montreal has released their most commercial and fun album in years, and don’t forget Georgia, my last pop dance recommendation for Memoir Mixtapes.

Among all these acts, 070 Shake has something personal to say. The latin intro of “Morrow” gets the attention and the lyrics complete the hook:

An early mornin’, no clouds up in the sky

She’s paranoid, but still she don’t know why, yeah

But still she don’t know why, yeah

Danielle uses the female pronoun, she doesn’t hide she likes girls: “I don’t really identify myself as queer or gay or anything. I just like girls”. 070 Shake is here to shake the world.

Enjoy her melodic alternative R&B. This song is lush! And if you enjoy this one, don’t miss other great songs in this record: Guilty Conscience, Microdosing, Under the Moon and Daydreaming.

(Song recommendation by Seigar)

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