Seigar Recommends: “Way Back Home” by Prince

Seigar, the photographer, is back.

“Way Back Home” is one of the nicest compositions Prince has ever made. This song shows a very unusual composition. It belongs to his 37th album: Art Official Age, an album that has been quite appreciated by most of his fans. Lianne La Havas added vocals to some tracks on the album: “Clouds,” “affirmation I & II” and “affirmation III”. She matches beautifully with Prince’s voice in this one. It seems he never performed this song — a pity for us.

Joshua Welton, the co-producer of the album, was received with mixed expectations; we may say he wasn’t that popular among his fans. The lyrics of the songs became almost an epitome of his music career and a metaphor of life and inspiration. In fact, this cohesive album was conceptual and thoughtful, simulating or presenting a journey that nowadays might be understood with different meanings due to his death. Prince looked into the past and the future in the messages of the songs, getting quite personal:

Most people in this world (Most people in this world) are born dead
But I was born alive
(I was born with this dream)

Lyrics may even work now as a sad foretelling of what happened:

I’m happiest when I can see
My way back home

An anthology compiling his material from 1995 to 2010 has just been released. You can’t find clear hits on this compilation, but all the songs are good. The closest songs to hits we can listen to are: “Musicology,” “3121” and “The Greatest Romance”. Prince had major difficulties to adapt himself to the market, closing the doors to his own legacy to be known.

Rolling Stones stated about this group of songs: “Anthology: 1995–2010 is a solid and necessary primer on 15 years in the life of a guy who deserved more. We’re lucky he left enough work for us to play catch-up with for years”.

Let’s try to know and enjoy his latest songs that just reached the fans. “Way Back Home” is the perfect way to start this journey.

If you want more, here you have my top 50 Prince songs on Spotify:

(Song recommendation by Seigar)

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