Steve recommends “Into the Mystic” by Van Morrison

I know this is not a particularly deep-cut, but Van’s performance in this video is exceptional. A brief (or maybe not) list of what I like about this performance:

  • Van is sweating even before the first chorus; it’s almost like he was shadowboxing backstage just to work up a good lather.
  • The shirt that Pete Wingfield (keyboard) is wearing.
  • How Van starts off slow and then wakes up about 1:20 into it and blows your scalp off.
  • The bass reverb working as a foghorn.
  • The microphone guy getting his ass kicked by the Van-ness at 2:50.
  • The nothing-fancy-but-appropriate keyboard solo, like rain falling on the bay.
  • Van showing that he’s not too shabby on guitar.
  • Van’s non-verbal scatting that is better than most people’s singing.
  • It is a seven-minute song that does not feel like a seven-minute song.

(Song recommendation by Steven McCarty)


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