They Can Feel It All Over

This evening, on my hour long commute home, while listening to a particularly delightful, though admittedly eclectic, Spotify playlist I’ve been building, song by song, all summer long, I experienced something I haven’t in quite some time: an exciting idea that got me feeling all sorts of inspired.

Listening to music on my drive to and from work is one of my favorite parts of the day.

Whether I’m singing along to a guilty pleasure like Calvin Harris/Pharrel/Katy Perry/Big Sean’s “Feels…”

(I’m not even embarrassed though…it’s a bop)

…or unconsciously floating away to re-live the moments certain songs trigger (I can’t listen to The Carpenter’s “We’ve Only Just Begun” without crying due to a particularly touching home video from my childhood)…

music never fails to evoke real emotions connected to real memories, however fleeting, superficial, profound, blissful, or distressing those emotions might be.

I know most of my fellow human beings can relate, and I think sharing the stories we have, along with the songs that conjure them, is a great way to connect with each other while building some pretty groovy (or, at the very least, very “interesting”) playlists in the process.

So here’s what I want to do, with your help:

I’ll be posting calls (with a prompt to guide your selection) for submissions on a regular basis, curating collections of your stories (you’ll always be credited), and creating the playlists that you can share with your friends and people around the world.

Not an experienced writer? Don’t even worry about it. I can help you edit and proofread your story to get it to a place where you’ll feel comfortable sending it our onto the world’s stage.

If you’re interested, check out the call for submissions for Memoir Mixtape #1: Origin Stories, and get to it.

Prompt suggestions/ questions/comments/rants/raves/deep, dark secrets/ confessions of undying love and devotion can be directed to me at

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