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Read below for our current call:

Vol.4: Call for Submissions

A couple of weeks ago, Kevin’s wife (low-key a valuable ideas bank for the Memoir Mixtapes team) was spitting out prompt ideas hot and fast. It went something like this:




“Sports! Wait, maybe not sports.”

“But actually, sort of related to sports, but it can work for so many other things — how about ‘WHAT’S YOUR FUCKIN’ ANTHEM??’”

And at that, we knew we had our next prompt.

For Memoir Mixtapes Vol.4 we want your pieces on ANTHEMS.

And no, we’re not talking about your high school book report on Ayn Rand’s novel by the same name. No, we want your ANTHEMS for triumph in the face of adversity. We want your ANTHEMS for heartbreak. ANTHEMS for existential crises. ANTHEMS for great food, like tacos or coffee. ANTHEMS for fighting mental illness. ANTHEMS for your cracked-out hometown. ANTHEMS for your country (but please don’t send us write-ups on your country’s actual national anthem, though we guess if you really vibe with “God Save the Queen,” and think it’s perfect then wow us with your patriotism for Queen Lizzy Pt. II whatever).

Send us your personal pieces on ANTHEMS!

Submission Guidelines / Requirements:


-Send your submissions to: HELLO@MEMOIRMIXTAPES.COM

-Please use this structure for your subject line: Vol.4 Submission // NAME OF SONG YOU ARE WRITING ABOUT

-Attach your submission as a .doc or .docx file.

-Please include a third-person bio with your submission (after 3 volumes of not really using photos much, we aren’t asking for them this time, but if you want to send us pictures of your beautiful faces we won’t protest)

-One submission / one song per writer.

-Please, be polite and write something in the body of your email. Don’t just stick a couple files on a blank email and leave it at that. It’s rude. Chances are good we won’t read your submission if it’s stuck on a blank email.

-The sweet spot for prose submissions is between 2–7 pages, single spaced. (If your submission runs a little shorter or longer, it’s not the end of the world.)

-Poetry submissions can be any length, but please bear in mind that over 5 pages is going to be a tougher sell.

-Proofreading is the best friend you have. We both have other responsibilities / cats / pugs / spouses that eat up a lot of our time and we can’t dedicate as much effort as we’d like to with extensive edits to your work. Please, make sure your piece has that extra polish and shine before you send it in.

-We try to retain original formatting where applicable (particularly where poems are concerned), but your piece may be formatted/edited to fit our desired A E S T H E T I C.

As much as we’d love to pay contributors (or even ourselves), we’re broke as hell and can’t do any of that; as such, Memoir Mixtapes is free. This project is a labor of love and volunteer work, and will likely remain that way until we find ourselves a rich-ass patron who wants to throw cash at us to do what we love. (We’re still crossing our fingers for sponsorship from Taco Bell, so if anyone has the connect, hook us up.)

We’re not picky about whether your work has been previously published elsewhere, but we’d like to ensure that we’re not going to get sued to hell over copyright infringement, so make sure you’re okay to do so before sending it our way. In the same vein, we don’t mind if you want to submit your pieces to other publications after they have showed up in Memoir Mixtapes first — the work is yours, after all. Just please ensure that you credit us for being the first to publish it.

Response times can vary from a day to a week, depending on our inbox / available time, so please be patient with your editors. HOWEVER, our spam folder has been known to eat potential contributor’s submissions, so PLEASE check in with us if you haven’t received a confirmation email within a week of sending your submission, preferably from a different email account (because Google is likely to throw you in SPAM again if you use the same address.)