Want to Recommend a Song for Memoir Mixtapes?

We try to post a new song recommendation on a daily basis, and even though I know my recs are *insert world’s longest string of fire emojis*, the ultimate goal of this project is to bring multiple voices together.

Look: we know you have phenomenal taste in music, and if you really think about it, you’d be kinda selfish to keep it all to yourself.

So, we’re opening up our platform to all the music-loving wordsmiths out there.

If you’re interested in contributing some (or even just one — whatever floats your boat) song recommendations, hit us up at hello@memoirmixtapes.comfor the deets.

PS —
Don’t forget to send us personal essays/poetry inspired by your first song obsession for Issue #1. You can read the guidelines here. Deadline is 10/31!

Send submissions, questions, and confessions to hello@memoirmixtapes.com

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