So, you want to share a song recommendation on Memoir Mixtapes? We don’t blame you; it’s super fun, and it feels really good to share a song you love with others. We run song recommendations, one at a time, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, to help you groove to something new during the week!

For our song recommendations, we prefer to use Medium as our platform so that we can more easily collaborate and give authorial credit to the author. All song recommendations are pasted over to our website from Medium, with a link back to the author’s Medium profile account.

HOWEVER, if you do not feel like creating a Medium account, you can also submit song recommendations using this form:

If you’re interested in going the Medium route, here is a step-by-step guide for becoming a contributor:

1. Create a Medium account. You can sign up using your GOOGLE or FACEBOOK account. After creating an account, you will have the option to login with Twitter or your email address (in addition to Facebook or Google).

2. Send us a link to your profile / your username at HELLO@MEMOIRMIXTAPES.COM so we can add you as a contributing writer. We’ll let you know when you’ve been added and can then move on to Step 3. (If you don’t hear from us within a week of your request, feel free to reach out via Twitter/Instagram/Facebook message to make sure we got it.)

3. From the main Medium menu (in the top right, accessed by clicking your picture), select “New story.”

Write your song recommendation (aim to keep it around 350 words, please), follow the formatting below, and be sure to include a link to the song version you love on YouTube/Vimeo/whatever video streaming service has your song available.

Formatting:  Please format your recommendation to include the following:

  • A Title: [Your Name] Recommends: [“Song Title”] by [Artist]
  • An image, such as the album cover or the artist, under the title
  • A video link at the end of your recommendation

Check out our previous posts for examples.

4. Submit your draft to our publication by clicking the “…” button at the top right of the editor view (next to the bell icon next to your picture). Select “Add to Publication” from the drop down menu.

Once you’ve done that, click “Memoir Mixtapes” in the new window that pops up, and hit “Add draft”.

5. We will review your recommendation and let you know if we need anything updated or edited. 

Wondering when your rec will be posted? Song recommendations are posted in the order they are received, so it can take a few weeks when we have a lot of submissions in the queue! Feel free to check in if you’re wondering about your piece. 

Want us to tag you on social media? Drop us a line via email with your handle(s), or message us on Twitter or Instagram if we missed you and you’d like us to tag you!

Thanks for your interest in being a contributor!

Sam & Kevin & Emery
(co-curators//co-editors)(assistant editor)

Here’s the 2019 playlist so far!