Sam Recommends: “Endless Shore” by Melody’s Echo Chamber

This entire album is so rich with gorgeous sound; it feels like the most beautiful psychedelic experience, full of ocean waves and merry go rounds and fields of pink and orange wildflowers.

I feel connected to Melody, somehow, through these songs. Her lyrics speak to me, and they take me back to a very specific era in my life. It was a strange and painful time, but these songs help me look at it differently, to appreciate it for the lessons I learned, and how it helped shape who I am.

(Song recommendation by Samantha Lamph/Len)

Katherine Recommends: “Gwan” by Rostam

It will instantly become night when you listen to “Gwan” by Rostam. So be ready for a dream mood. I recommend listening with headphones.

Profound and dizzying string arrangements move you through the rooms of a confession. Hope intact. Rostam entered my life late last summer, mid-swim. What is this? And the answer changes even after listening to it thousands of times.

It’s a love song, dark song, dream song.

You really still awake?
Why can’t you go to sleep like everybody else?

Rostam Batmanglij broke away from Vampire Weekend to become his own lead vocalist. Half-Light is a dreamy, sincere, and complex work of mood and musical arrangements. His voice is a lake or a mountain and is driven by intuitive lyrics.

But all of these dreams
Keep coming back to me slowly, slowly
And sometimes I laugh
When I think about how you know me

We have arrived at the end of the dream. You’re awake now.

Are you ready
Are you ready

(Song recommendation by Katherine Osborne)